Shopping in the Cool Pines

Recreation means different things to different folks. While there is a plethora of outdoor activities in the Pine Strawberry area, indoor recreation also abounds. If you prefer a roof overhead or just need to take a casual day, shopping options are a perennial favorite. The merchants in Arizona Rim Country offer a diverse and unique shopping experience by showcasing a large selection of antiques and crafts, including many specialty items and hand-crafted pieces made by local artisans. All of that and more is available in quaint shops throughout the Rim Country.

As you drive into Pine from Payson, some of the first shopping experiences you see is all about food!

The Honey Stand has a collection of pure, raw, Arizona honey that you will find nowhere else. The shelves are also filled with over 60 varieties of pure fruit jams, jellies, butters and salsas that are second to none.

Next up is the Herb Stop, founded in 1992. Able to accommodate in-depth Herb Stop Certification Classes and an apprenticeship program, the shop places an emphasis on providing the public with the highest quality herbal products. The manufacturing and retail location boasts a superior line of over 2500 herbal products.

Not to be missed, the Pine Creek Lavender Farm is a delight for the eyes and the nose. A restored farm and farmhouse from the 1880’s, started growing lavender in 2015 as the only thing the local Elk wouldn’t eat! And from there, the aromatic is a must stop on the travels through the area. Growing three types of lavender to account for cooking, confections and oils, you are sure to find something to use.

After your senses have been quenched, it is time for some retail therapy. If you want to get some local souvenirs, be sure to stop at the Rusty Pine Cone and Fancy Finds right on Highway 87 in the middle of Pine. Here you will find local, hand maid goods as well as something for everyone on the list.

And if your more interested in those older treasures, then park the car in front of any (or all!) of the antiques shops around. Whether is be Tymeless Treasures, Auntie Gail’s Collectibles or the Moose Mountain Gifts store, you can easily spend hours browsing through local history and chatting with friendly shop keepers.

Finally, when you need a break, stop off at the Pine Creek Fudge place to indulge in homemade, real butter, top ingredient fudge and ice cream.